artist's biography

1947  born, Doncaster, England

1969 Research assistant, Henrion Design Associates

1981-85 Resident in Lucca, Italy, painting and sculpting

1982 Cylinder Gallery, London

1983 Cylinder Gallery, London

1984 Gallery 24, London

1985 Gallery Lafayette, New York

1985 Design of 'The River Cafe' logo, wire, London

1986 Gallery 24, London

1986 Gallery Lafayette, New York

1986-1988 Gallery Director, Christies Contemporary Art, London

1988-1996 Director of Sculpture, Berkeley Square Gallery, London

1990-1991 Project Director for Lynn Chadwick retrospectives -

Hakone Open Air Museum. Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.

Museum of Modern Art, Toyama. Japan

1995 Art Chicago, exhibition of sculpture

1997 Founded EXACT, Exhibitions in Art and Architecture

1997 Consultant on sculpture, Bernard Jacobsen Gallery, London

1998 Director, Bluespace, London,

1998-2001 various museum exhibitions, 'Hubbles Universe' 

1998 Director, Light Art Projects,
Design, production and installation of large mobiles

1999 Exhibition of Mobiles, RIBA, London

1999 Exhibition of Mobiles, Camberwell Arts, London

2000-2001 Exhibition of Mobiles, Corn Exchange, Leeds

2000 Exhibition of sculpture , Egg, London

2001 Exhibition of sculpture , Egg, London

2001-2004 Commissioned of large mobiles -

BT Bristol, Watford, Gatwick. Transco, Solihull. CAT, Cambridge

2005 Exhibition, 'Wire Forms', London

2006 Exhibition of sculpture, Guiness Gallery, London

2006 'Guitar Man' - wire sculpture of David Gilmore

( cover graphic for Gilmore CD 'The Island' )

2006-2007 Installation of sculptures, The River Cafe, London

2007 Exhibition of sculptures, 'Fresh Air', Quennington

2009 Exhibition of sculptures, Clifton Nurseries, London

2010 Exhibition of sculptures in Landscape, Beddington Fine Art, Bargemon, France

2011 Exhibition of sculptures, Michaelis Boyd Assoc. London

2012 Commission 'Cyclists and Tight Rope Walker', Liberty Wine, London

2013 Commission 'Josephine Baker', Tiverton, UK

2014-2015 Invitation tender, 'Star City'. Large scale sculptures of Astronauts, Science Museum, London